Wood lap siding – What you need to know about beautiful wooden planks which are placed horizontally

Wood lap siding is a bundle of long wooden planks, horizontally piled upon each other to create an alternative of the standard brick wall. Different durable woods are used as these wooden planks, such as Cedarwood, Pinewood, Hemlock, White Oak, etc…

wood lap siding types
Different wood lap siding types…

Common types of wood lap siding

As made from different timber, wood lap siding comes in various types in terms of form and structure. Variety of the siding is available based on durability, aesthetic appeal, and concreteness.

Some of the most common structures used in wood lap siding technique are as follows;

Beveled wood lap siding

This is no different than ordinary wood siding, but a slight difference lies in the cutting of this structure.

Beveled wood or clapboard siding as clear from the name is slanted wood that is thicker at one edge and thinner on the other. Its installation is a bit different as per the installation technique.

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With increasing popularity, shiplap siding is growing in demand. From ceilings to house exteriors, shiplap siding can cover everything and is budget-friendly. It only costs $.95 sq/ft and range up to $4.00 maximum.

In structure, it resembles a lot with Tongue and groove siding, but there is a slight difference. It is made by overlapping two parallel wooden boards, one on top of the other and fastened by nails leaving a minute crease on the joint; it appears clean and furnished. No particular expertise is required though, you just need some essential tools like hammer, measuring tape, pen to mark, some nails, and you are all set.


It is by far the most popular and durable type of siding as it assures the guarantee against calamitous weather and resists rain to drizzle down to the nooks. With low-profile damage quality, it appears refined and uniformed in appearance. Budget depending on the quality of timber you are using for it.

Slight crease at the joint but held through nails that appear seamless due to a little difference in the structure of Tongue and Groove as compared to Shiplap. And yes, you do need an expert to install it.

Channel rustic

As rustic refers to the texture of the wood used in it and channels, stand for an inch, or two deep shafts appear when nailed it down. Due to its absorption quality, it is mostly used for exteriors. No dust, no water, and protection from the scorching heat. However, it needs frequent replacement and thorough cleaning from time to time. It is a bit hard to maintain.

Rustic vee/ V Rustic

This one is the bolder version of rustic siding. The only difference between channel rustic and V rustic is of aesthetic appeal and detailed look. It creates a shadow-line effect on its hinges and joints. Made from the same quality of wood as channel rustic, possess the same plus points and installation process. The difference jumps in the nailing technique.

Did you know? Dutch lap siding is another  popular lap siding technique

Installation of wood lap siding


The upper and thicker side is placed on the outer portion and thin side inwards, making the thicker one visible as a wall. It forms a scale-like structure as formed on the skin of snake but carved out, bumpy and rectangular scales all fastened up with nails.

When it comes to installation or uninstallation of wood lap siding . Always hire a professional

How to uninstall ?


This type of wall is put together with sharp nails, so use a tool such as a hammer claw or something edgy to put the nails out from the plank you want to remove or replace. Once the nails are pulled out, slightly slide the plank downwards, and it is done.

If there’s a need for replacement, replace it by installing it in the vacant shaft in the same manner. Push the thinner side in the hollow place, adjoin with the other planks, bang some nails, and it’s done!

Pros and cons of wood  lap siding



  • It does not consume a lot of your precious time in the installation process. It is a matter of a few hours to build a rough sketch of the dimensions of your house.
  • Not hard on your pocket and readily available in the market.
  •  As the source of wood is natural, so this type of siding is eco-friendly. Absorbs toxic materials of low density from the environment.


  • As it is made of wood, so there is a higher risk of catching pests and wooden insects such as termites, squash bugs, and lots of others.
  •  Due to its molecular and uneven surface, it contains dust for long and can cause trouble to people with allergies, such as sinusitis.
  •  Except for vinyl, all the varieties available in wood siding are a bit problematic to keep as they ask for continuous renovation after short periods. The damage rate is high, so you have to keep up with them through consistent paint coats.
  •  Short life-period as compared to vinyl/aluminum/steel
  • The chances of catching fire are high
wood lap siding
Wood is always beautiful

The usual cost of the siding

It is different and depends on the type of wood you are using (cedar, engineered, etc.). But a roundabout siding price would range from $9,750 to $18,750 (rates for 2020).

The per Sq. foot  rate depends heavily on type type of wood which is used. But it can go from 3$ to 16$ per square foot.

Where to buy  wood lap siding? 

The reliability of your wooden venture is highly dependent on the quality you make sure of while buying the siding. Though readily available in the market, the rate varies due to the vast range and quality.

Lampert Lumber

It is an online store that deals in wooden slabs for siding. There is a considerable variety available on this store with excellent quality.

The Home Depot

They deal in all sizes and customizable measures. They even deliver it to your place and ship wood planks at home and abroad.

Buffalo Lumber

They guarantee quality and adhesiveness, longevity, and reliability—low damage chances with worldwide shipping.


They don’t directly deal with wood but act as a mediator between you and local wood contractors and make sure of the quality they provide. Charge a minimal amount as commission and take care of all the things from head to toe that involve wood.

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