Vinyl Siding

In the earlier days, exterior walls were usually redone with Veneer; however, this material had a problem of flaking and rotting after a short time. On the other hand, vinyl doesn’t flake or rot in addition to being durable. It’s not affected by snow, cold, salt and sun; it also a long lasting siding in addition to being easy to maintain and clean.

What Is Vinyl?

This is a form of plastic made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It can give a house a whole new look. Vinyl is available in a variety of brands, styles and colors. If you believe that exteriors get bad after a very short time, you can choose darker toned vinyl such as deep blues, dark greens, darker earth tones, and many others. On the other hand, if you live in an area which experiences higher temperatures during the summer, then it will be best if you choose lighter hues. Read the paragraphs below to learn about vinyl siding colors, styles, prices and recommended brand.


These are the benefits of Vinyl Siding ! [ Infographic ]

Infographic about Vinyl Siding
See the benefits of this siding !

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Vinyl Siding Styles

Vinyl is made in styles that look like bricks or stones, battens, clapboards, and logs. Some styles resemble wooden lap siding. Below is a detailed description of the different  siding styles.

1. Solid core

This house siding style fits flat to the wall because it has a solid foam core. The ability of this style to resist impact stands out among all the other types.

2. Log

This renders a log-cabin look to a house. Even though it’s made of real wood, it’s simple to install just like the other styles. The maintenance cost is also significantly less compared to that required when real wooden logs are used.

3. Batten & Board

If you want your house’s exterior to have an old-world appearance, this is the siding style you should choose. This siding style imitates the appearance of wood, thus giving a house a rustic façade. In this style, narrow cedar is alternated between the siding’s widths. An example is the Dutch lap, whose shape resembles that of the traditional Dutch lap wooden siding.

4.  Seamless

Seamless is available in a range of textures and colors. With this style, you can use different combinations to change your house’s look/appearance. This style is also famous for its fire retardant properties and ability to repel insects.

5. Pre-Primed

This vinyl siding style can be painted with your preferred color; however, the paint may not last as long as that which is applied by the manufacturer. Additionally, it’s cheaper to have it painted by the manufacturer than to paint it yourself.

6.  Shake and Shingle

If you want your house to have a singular look/appearance, choose shake and shingle vinyl siding style. It’s usually used together with other siding materials.


Insulated Vinyl Siding


Insulated vinyl siding is one of the greatest alternative due to its numerous benefits that it offers to both the builders and to the home owners as compared to other vinyl siding styles which are rather more costly. It therefore gives home owners and builders a real competitive edge. Besides being low in its cost, it also offers a greater or even an equal performance, with which you can expect a greater R value of at least R-3 or even higher than quite a number of siding material such as aluminum or wood siding. Insulated vinyl siding is also stronger with a more impact resistance thus providing a solid finished wall while at the same time offering the ability to customize pieces for use with difficult windows and corners.

Another huge benefit of this insulated vinyl siding besides the fact that it comes in various colors and saves installation time is the fact that it offers insulation against moisture and offers vapor permeability features. Therefore home owners that wants a superb siding which will offer them the highest level of protection at a lower cost , longevity in nature as well as being easy to use, then the insulated vinyl siding will suit them.


Tips for Choosing the Right Vinyl Siding Colors

Choosing the right color is somewhat easy as there are more than hundreds of vinyl shades available on the market. Formerly, people were stuck to using white, beige and tan color; however, this has drifted over the last few years and now people are experimenting more with other colors. Below are some tips on how to choose the right vinyl siding colors.

  • Pick a color that blends with the other houses in your neighborhood. Make sure the color you have chosen adds to your house’s beauty. A color that is darker or lighter by one or two shades can be a wonderful choice


  • Don’t hesitate to use a blue or green color as your house’s color combination if you discover that it complements the environment of the area in which you live.


  • It isn’t advisable to apply so many colors on a structure. The siding color combinations shouldn’t convey a jarring effect on a structure. Make an effort to keep the house’s look as simple as possible.


  •  Choose a color combination depending on how you want your house to appear. If you want your house to look smaller, choose a darker shade; and if you want it to appear bigger, choose a pastel or light color.


  • Try to ensure that the chosen color combination blends well with the doors, windows, walls, and the roof.


  •  Remember to coordinate the siding color with that of the porch. Basing on the siding color and your taste, you may give the porch a natural look.


  • Don’t forget to put the house’s structure into consideration when choosing a color combination. Some color combinations don’t go well with certain structures. For instance, a flashy color doesn’t suite a Victorian house.

Vinyl Siding Prices

The cost of vinyl sidings depend on the quality of the used material. Even so, it is a lot more cost effective and long-lasting than paint. Vinyl siding prices are determined by the siding squares and they approximately vary from $60 to $300 per square feet. When choosing the color and material of the siding of your house, make sure your choice is within the available budget.

CertainTeed ( Brand)

This North American company is renowned for manufacturing building materials for residential and commercial construction on the global market. This company offers one of the top brands vinyl siding. CertainTeed produces a wide range of siding colors, styles and designs. In addition, it’s backed by an outstanding warranty coverage.


When purchasing thisl siding, remember to consider its fade warranty so as to avoid spending a lot of money and regretting afterwards. Offer your house a new & long-lasting look using the best vinyl siding colors and styles.