Variform Siding Review – Siding Company with Various Colors Available But Also Some Negatives

As a company and contractor, Variform seems to be a pretty well-liked service. Their products are dependable and many customers seem to be repeats. Reading through countless customer reviews of the company, it was hard to find even one negative thing. Variform is one of the leading siding providers in the United States and offers some of the best siding options available.

We’ll be taking a closer look at Variform to see whether or not they’re right for you. There seem to be very few things wrong with this company from the perspective of other customers, but it’s always important to guarantee satisfaction. Let’s find out if Variform is the perfect siding company for you!

variform siding

First, a Few Negatives of Variform Siding

While it was difficult to find negative reviews, that didn’t mean they weren’t out there. The two biggest issues we found had to do with paint and availability. Some customers stated that the paint will slowly chip away, leaving noticeable holes in the design. The other issue we encountered was availability as Variform can be quite regional. If their siding isn’t readily available in your area, you may be out of luck.

Various Colors Available

One place where Variform stands out amongst the crowd is its selection of colors. Other siding providers lack the stunning array that Variform provides customers. Their siding comes pre-painted so that you don’t have to spend more money for a professional to come paint it for you. The colors look great in almost any light and will make your home’s exterior pop like few other siding providers. Very popular is their irish thistle siding.

Unique Designs and Textures

They offer their siding in many different styles and textures. Much like your standard brand, they do place an emphasis on vinyl as it is the most popular choice and one of the most dependable siding options. However, they do expand their library of options with various wood choices that make for a stunning and breathable exterior. But there are much more designs you can choose from like:

  • Madison
  • Jasper
  • Mt. Carmel
  • Fisher
  • Henderson …

Dependable Protection and Insulation at a Price

One of the best features of Variform siding is the durability. For your standard vinyl siding, this provider has nailed it. The protection offered from Variform siding is unique and dependable, even in the harshest of weather situations. The siding can withstand weeks of rain, heavy hurricanes, and rapidly changing temperatures with ease.

On top of that strength and durability, Variform offers some impressive insulation stats. Their siding is one of the best insulators we’ve reviewed and is sure to help cut the cost of your electricity bill. The best part is that all of this is available to you for such an affordable price!

The cost of the siding, installation, and labor comes out to about $2.75-$8.00 per square inch. This is incredibly well-priced and can help you save thousands on an installation project. Your typical vinyl siding costs anywhere from $3.00-$12.00 for the same amount as Variform siding.


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