How to use a Snap Lock Punch and things to consider before buying this siding tool

Vinyl siding is the most reasonably priced option to protect the exterior of your house or apartment when renovations are in progress. There are multiple siding tools  and equipment you could use to install or remove it from your house. One of the most convenient and easy ways to use vinyl siding removal tools is the snap lock punch tool. Understanding how to use it and what to look for before getting yourself this type of tool is necessary.

Snap Lock Punch Tool
This is Malco SL5 snap lock punch used for vinyl or aluminium siding

How is  it used?

The snap lock makes dents on the vinyl siding. Dents lock it into the utility trim that is held to the window and the edge of your house. This way, it secures vinyl siding to the completed trim at the top of the wall and under the window.

Factors to consider when buying a snap lock punch tool for vinyl siding

  • Spring return handles – an excellent snap lock punch tool will have spring return handles to ease operation and also make it easy for you as it would be time-consuming without the opening of the handles after every punch.
  • Cushioned grips – with a comfortable grip handle, you will be able to work for long hours without incurring any injuries like blisters.
  • The material used – the material used to make the vinyl siding crimping tool should preferably be steel. Steel will increase durability and also allow the tool to handle every other task without falling apart.
  • Easy to operate – the vinyl siding removal tool should have a mechanism that is easy to operate and control. It should also be convenient when using one hand. It should be made in a way that makes your work easier without necessarily using too much energy.
  • High tab projection– high projection will allow the natural relaxation of the vinyl plastic.

How to correctly use a snap lock punch for vinyl siding

How to use snap lock punch

Step 1 – Mark the length of vinyl siding

Use a pencil and tape measure to mark the length of vinyl siding that will be covered by the utility trim. Always use a work table for higher accuracy.

Step 2 – Create dimples

Using the lifted side of the snap lock tool, place the backside of the vinyl siding in line with the pencil marks you made. Make sure you slide the snap lock device until the stop touches the edge of the vinyl siding; you can now push the handles together to create dimples on the vinyl siding.

Step 3 – Mount the vinyl siding

You can now mount the vinyl siding following the manufacturer’s guide. Ensure the dimples slide after the front line of the utility siding

The best snap lock tools

There are a variety of snap lock punch tools in the market; they come in different types so you can choose what ideally suits your task. The prices also vary from one brand to the other its advisable to always compare prices.

Some of the most popular brands include

  • Malco SL5this tool has high tab projection and comes with a return spring handle with cushioned grips to offer a better experience.
  • Klein snap lock punch – this brand boosts of having an all-steel planted hardware, which in return offers durability.
  • Midwest snap lock punch – this brand is convenient and perfect when using ducts. It is comfortable and reduces fatigue as the grips are powered.

A snap lock punch is an essential  siding tool when it comes to house renovations. The above tips will help you when it comes to that.

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