Siding Repair – Do it right and you will save much money !

Your home’s siding may no longer be able to do its job properly, when the shakes or clapboards are broken or rotten. Sidings that need repair lets water, dirt, insects and air through into the house. Additionally, it also allows further damage and decay to the wood around it. This article will save you money by giving you insights on how to repair individual shingles and damaged parts yourself.



1. Vinyl Siding repair


Compared to aluminum brick or wood repairs, vinyl is the easiest to repair. There are a number of ways of sorting out the vinyl repair. For instance, a quick fix by covering the damaged area with another matching piece of siding or replacing a piece of the siding. The following steps will help you in this.

vinyl siding repair

To do this you must have a vinyl siding removal tool. You can get it at a hardware store for less than $10 if you do not have it.

-Using the vinyl siding removal tool,cautiously disconnect the damaged area from the other siding.

-Reattach a new measured well-cut part by nailing the top.

-Using the vinyl siding tool to pull the butt-lock, interlock the bottom and pull it into place along with the existing siding.

-Cut another piece of siding that covers the whole portion.

– For a straight top to fit into the existing siding you will have to get rid of the nail helm .You can use a sharp knife to this. The butt lock, will also need to be done away with.

-This step is a bit challenging. The goal here is to remove the last curved edge, this is to allow you to merge it in the next step.
-After that, you will now slide it up over the damaged piece
of sidingng.

-To be certain it’s secure, rivet the part on the siding’s butt lock to the existing siding . Get matching rivets if you can, but if this proves challenging you can paint them to match.




2. Aluminum siding repair

This is usually done by well cleaning the affected part and there after bonding the paint with a quality, exterior-grade paint. You should access the help of a professional in case of a heavy damage caused by an earthquake or a Heavy storm.

Aluminum siding repair

-Scratch the affected area softly by hand with fine-grit sandpaper if the scratch is shallow. Scratch with a coarse sandpaper first, then with a medium one and lastly with a fine-grit sandpaper if the scratch is deep.
-Using a piece of cloth or a rag, Wipe off the dust. To take off the finer particles left, use a damp sponge to wipe the part again, and there after using a clean rag dry the siding.
-Aluminum does not rust however, it is vulnerable to corrosion. Take a spray can of paint primer for aluminum which inhibits corrosion and helps the new paint brand well with metal, and spray smoothly in a sweeping motion over the area.
-After the prime dries,add another layer of primer if there are any other spots left.
-Lastly use a paint that matches the primed area and paint the area using a brush or a roller.

Dents and Holes

Approximately 1 inch around the area, sand the dent using coarse sandpaper. The goal here is to remove the paint in the damaged area.

-Using a piece of cloth or a rag, Wipe off the dust. To take off the finer particles left, use a damp sponge to wipe the part again, and there after using a clean rag dry the siding.

-Mix resin and hardener on a scrap board. Using a 3-inch plastic knife mix and spread the mixture. Be fast when mixing as the compound hardens quickly.

-Fill the dent or hole with the mixed compound from the spreader. Let the compound harden for about 10 to 15 minutes, or for as long as the manufacturer recommends.

-Scratch the area with medium-grit sandpaper, then sand with finer sandpaper, until when the repair is smooth. Spray the siding with primer, give it time to dry up and then paint it to match with the other siding.



3. How much does it cost to repair siding?

The costs for siding repair will vary from around $350 to $1055. The use of different materials in doing the repair brings in the difference in prices. For instance, vinyl siding repair will cost less and it is more affordable than either steel or wood.

Vinyl Siding repair Cost breakout
Vinyl – vinyl siding is one of the easiest to repair but it can be challenging at the same time too.. Repairing a damaged section will need;


  • A piece of vinyl this is less than $40 for a single piece.
  • A zip tool which costs around $8 to purchase;
  • Tin snips costing around $20;
  • A quick square This which costs around $15 ; and
  • the nails or Screws

Wood siding repair costs

This kind of siding repair may need the services of a carpenter as it is more technical. The carpenter may ask for about $30 to $40 per hour , but may also charge per each section. Note that this does not include painting or staining. Other damages may also arise during the process such as insects or water under the siding.This will obviously shoot up the costs.

Aluminum siding repair costs

A contaractor doing alminium siding repairs on a large scale ,may cost around $500 50 $900.The variable being the labor .A DIY person who can tackle the work of around 2hrs costs $50 to $60 for every hour. These costs also vary depending with city or country you are in.



Wooden siding repair

– loosen the nails that hold the siding in place by placing a pry bar under the affected area and move it back and forth slowly. Do not do it faster as this may damage the other areas.

-After loosening the nails remove the piece,measure it and cut another one with a similar size..
-Use about 8 or 10 inch nails coated with concrete to attach the new piece.

-Avoid using galvanized nails as they may bleed through the paint and make the new piece of siding to detach.

-When this is done, seal around the edges using paintable silicone.

-The last step, is Priming and Painting the siding. So as to hide the repaired part, you might need to repaint the whole siding.

wooden siding

Masonite siding repair

  1. To do away with old paint, Sand the siding smoothly with a sanding block. Do not scrap the part, as doing so may loosen other pieces that are not so strong .
  2. On the flat parts of the Masonite siding, use a brush and add a layer of exterior primer .Use the tip of a paintbrush to work the primer into the affected areas. Allow time for the primer to dry up.
  3. Continously, squeeze a bead of caulk into every crack and seam u see.
  4. -Work the caulk into the seams using a damp sponge or your finger. Give it about 24hrs to dry before painting the siding.
  5. Add two more coats of paint over the repaired siding each after the other drying.
  6. You can seal and paint the siding if it’s in decent shape, but you should replace rotted Masonite siding


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