Siding Prices for Houses

Siding is the outer coating on a house which offers protection against water and weather. A wide option of house sidings is available to choose from. It is not only a necessity but it also makes your house better looking than other houses in the neighborhood. The siding of one’s house is reflective of one’s aesthetic sense. On an average, for a house of 2000 square feet, the siding prices vary from $6000 to $15,000.

The common materials that are used for house siding are:

  •  Wood
  •  Stone
  •  Plastic
  • Asphalt
  • Insulated siding
  • Metals
  • Composites
  • Vinyl

Siding Prices

The siding prices are charged per square feet. One should hire professionals for siding the house.

Cedar Siding Prices:

Cedar siding for houses is considered chic. Red Cedar is an eye-catching siding material. Its color varies from light brown to cinnamon red. Passing years make it more beautiful. It ages gracefully to light grey color. In USA, many companies offer Cedar siding for the house. It is available in the form of premade blocks of cedar which cost $14-$19 per block. It is also available in square feet. These prices which are  per square feet are between $5.50-$12. These costs don’t include the labor of installing. That has to be paid separately to the contractor. The average life of Cedar siding is 20 years but depending on weather and sun exposure, the life may be decreased to 15 years or may be prolonged to 40 years.

How much for steel material?

Steel siding is the best choice if one is considering the life of siding. The steel siding comes with a life time warranty. Many corporations offer steel siding for houses. In the past, steel siding was opted for commercial properties only but now it has become one of top grossing sidings for domestic use. The steel siding can be broadly categorized in 3 categories.

a. Basic

Basic steel siding prices are around $3.7-$4.5 per square feet. These prices don’t include the installment costs.

b. Intermediate

The intermediate steel is a double galvanized steel. The steel siding prices for double galvanized steel are between $4.7-$5.7 per square feet.

c. Best

This category includes steel and a thin layer of another metal that is “coated” on steel to prolong its life. The steel is double galvanized. The steel siding prices for this category are between $7-$10 per square feet.

The steel siding is long lived. The steel is tested for corrosion and has a life time warranty with a money back guarantee. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from. The steel siding is recommended for those who are living in areas subjected to storms. Steel siding imparts structural integrity to the house as well. It is resistant to high speed winds.

Crane Solid Core Siding Prices:

Crane solid core siding is an insulated siding. It has 3-4 layers. It usually contains a layer of foam which offers protection against violent storms and also offers insulation. It is resistant to damage from moisture because it has moisture ventilation mechanism in it. It absorbs excessive heat and cold. It also has a noise reduction effect. It is resistant to winds up to 160mph. the crane solid core siding prices are around $6 per square feet.


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  1. I have repair and remodeling a number of personally owned homes. I do ALL the work personally and sometimes hire help to get the work done. I DO NOT retain contractors for any work because of cost and often work quality. I’ve seen contractors “hide” poor work that they have been caught doing. I am ONLY interested in purchasing materials and being responsible for installation and quality of work. Why can’t (or where can) I find a resource for Craneboard vinyl siding and products? (Or am I forced to use a competed siding manufacturing source?)

    SL Koch


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