Royal Crest Siding Review – Let’s Talk About Warranty, Cost, and Colors Available

Royal Crest siding is a beautiful and durable vinyl siding that looks great on any home. It features a low-gloss cedar woodgrain to help mimic the look of natural wood, but unlike natural wood, it won’t rot, flake, chip, or sag over time. Royal Crest siding is made from recyclable materials, making it a sustainable, guilt-free choice. Its industry-leading warranty helps you sleep easy, knowing you made an excellent investment for your home’s future.

Royal crest siding review

Royal Crest Siding Price

The cost for Royal Crest siding depends on the model, color, and the amount you need to finish your home. Typically, the siding will run between $2 and $7 per square foot, though you’ll want to consult a professional for a quote based on your project. This will include product, labor, and installation cost.


Royal Crest siding comes in seven different profiles, including D4 D4D, D45D, D5, D4 Vertical, and S8. Each provides a slightly different finish to your home. Keep in mind the profile that you choose may impact the color options.


Royal Crest Siding is manufactured from recyclable materials. It looks like natural wood, but it is far more durable. This siding is like cedar siding in overall green performance, while it offers a third of the environmental impact of fiber cement siding.


Royal Crest Siding Colors

Royal Crest can meet your needs if you’re looking for neutral siding with a large color variety. There are 14 colors to choose from, with varying white, cream, brown, grey, and green shades. There’s even a blue-grey for a pop of color while still on the neutral pallet. White is only available in S8 and D4 vertical profiles.

Royal Building Products offer vivid colors, but you’ll have to choose a different type of siding other than Royal Crest to take advantage of these.


Royal Crest siding features a double lifetime warranty. This means the siding is covered even if you sell the house, which helps increase your home’s resale value. Two generations of homeowners can sleep easy knowing their siding has full coverage. The second owner’s coverage is not prorated.

Siding installation

Where to Buy? Royal Crest Siding Distributors

You can get your Royal Crest siding directly through Royal Building products or an authorized partner. They make it easy to find. All you must do is click on the Find Our Products button on any style, enter your zip code, and several companies who carry Royal Crest siding will pop up. You can also order free samples directly off their website.

The Final Say

Royal Crest is a durable siding made to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, including hurricane-force winds of up to 140 mph. It’s a great value for its double lifetime warranty, increasing your home’s resale value should you wish to sell. Unlike other types of siding, it never needs painting to keep it looking new. It’s virtually maintenance-free, so once you set it, you can forget it unless you need to make a claim.


With many different colors and styles to choose from, Royal Crest siding is a great choice to finish your home.

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