Rollex Siding Products are Made of Steel, Aluminum and Vinyl – Review

Ever since their humble beginnings back in the 1950s, Rollex has been churning out high-quality siding for homes. Aluminum and metal moldings have always been a part of their work and Rollex Siding has had over 70 years to perfect their services. Now, Rollex is one of the largest home siding manufacturers in North America, offering its products to countless customers.

Rollex Siding

Being one of the largest exterior siding manufacturers in the world, we wanted to take a look at everything Rollex Siding has to offer. How do their products compare to their competitors? How expensive are their siding and labor costs? Where can the average homeowner find Rollex Siding for their home? Let’s take a close look at Rollex Siding to determine whether their products are the best for your home.


Various Siding Choices by Rollex

One of the benefits of buying through Rollex Siding is their wide variety of materials. They have been specializing in metal and aluminum for as long as they’ve been a company, but vinyl has only recently come into their repertoire. Let’s take a look at how well they handle each type of siding.


Their steel siding options are copious and easy to install. They have many different styles made from steel which are all easy to maintain, paint, and customize to your liking. The best part is that all of their steel products are environmentally friendly. Rollex steel siding makes up some of their best products and is a staple of their inventory.

Rollex’s Seneca steel siding is accompanied by a non prorated, limited lifetime warranty that incorporates fifty year hail protection and 30 year fade and chalk coverage. The siding is assured not to flake, crack, peel, split, or blister. Rollex makes Seneca steel siding utilizing twenty five percent recycled material. The manufactured siding is a hundred percent recyclable.


Rollex aluminum siding certainly takes on a different feel from their steel options. However, you’re getting a much lighter product that is designed to withstand a significant amount of weather. Their aluminum products are also environmentally friendly, easy to install and offer unparalleled quality.


In recent years, Rollex Siding has started adding vinyl siding products to its list of services. They aren’t as high quality as the steel or aluminum options, but it’s clear that the vinyl siding will do its job well. It’s environmentally friendly, durable, and easy to maintain for homeowners. There’s no best-in-class guarantee, but there is a shining quality that is hard to come by in many vinyl products.

A Wide Array of Colors

Each of their various types of siding comes with a vast amount of color options for optimal customization. If you’re looking for a cool steel sheen to adorn the outside of your house, then Rollex Siding has you covered. Their color options are vast and plentiful. For example:

  • Aspen
  • Maple
  • Willow
  • Gray Ash
  • Blue Ridge
  • Rustic Brown

The best part is how easy the paint is to maintain. Rollex Siding does a fantastic job at creating products that can withstand the years and their paints are no exception. The initial painting should last you almost as long as the siding itself.

Where to Get Rollex Siding ?

Rollex Siding is based out of Ohio and most of its distributors are accessible throughout the state. Some orders from throughout the midwest can be placed, but they predominantly service Ohio. Check with your local home improvement retailer to see if they stock Rollex Siding products.

Average Cost

Rollex prices fall within the industry average for materials, installation, and maintenance costs. You’ll find their vinyl products between $1-$12 per square foot and their metal products slightly higher.

Manufactured in America

It also provides Aurora, possessing its Energy star conforming color coating; the Designer Collection; and Thermal Pro insulated panels. Established in 1951, Rollex is among the oldest and most dependable manufacturers of metal products for light commercial and residential construction. Rollex makes aluminium rain ware systems; fascia, and accessories; aluminium soffit; and aluminium specialty products.

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