Norandex Siding Review – How do they compare to the rest of the vinyl siding industry ?

If you need new siding for your home, you need to turn to one of the best. Guaranteeing the quality of your siding will save you thousands in repair and maintenance costs come the next hurricane. But who is the best? We wanted to take a look at Norandex Siding to see how they compare to the rest of the industry.

Norandex Siding
One of the siding color options – Blue Smoke


Locations – Where to Find Norandex Siding

Norandex  has an incredible number of locations across the USA. If you live in the continental USA, chances are there’s a location near you for you to check out. They’re primarily located along the east coast, but do offer locations in states like Michigan, Wyoming, Texas, and California. Almost every state has a Norandex Siding available to them – minus Alaska for now.

Check out the ‘Where to Buy’ tab on their website to see if you have a location near you.

Typical Prices for their vinyl siding

The cost of a job will vary from house to house. You can contact them and receive a free quote for a better estimate about your home, but we can offer you a general idea of pricing. This won’t take into account your home size, location, material cost, etc. This is simply based on their work so far and what clients have been charged.

There are three different pricing options – basic, better, and best. For basic, you’re looking at $3.95 per square foot. Better is about $5.40, and the best is $7.20 per square foot.

A Review of their Services

If you’re looking for a dependable service that offers expertise in all areas of house siding, the Norandex should be near the top of your list. They’re a fantastic company that understands how to provide for their customers and can guarantee a job done well every time.

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

This was a section we were unable to test out as none of the siding needed to be replaced or touched up, even after days of rain and wind. According to Norandex and previous customers of the company, they’re willing and able to maintain your siding should it become damaged. However, it takes a lot to get to that point. You won’t find yourself seeking maintenance services any time soon.

Durability of Norandex Siding

This is where Norandex shines brightest. Their siding is some of the most durable we’ve encountered and maintenance is low on their products. As we mentioned, there is very little need for constant maintenance on Norandex siding which grants you peace of mind as you know your walls can handle the weather.

High winds, heat, extreme colds, hurricanes, and more stand no chance when it comes to Norandex. It can bash away at your walls as much as it wants, but it takes a miracle to damage your siding. Trust us, we tested it. As far as durability is concerned, you won’t have to be concerned.


Not a speck of dust is left over when the Norandex team heads out. They’re known for their cleanliness with countless reviews noting their efforts to keep the home clean. Any debris that they create is swept up and brought back with them, not left on the ground next to your home. The cleanliness of the company actively reflects their professionalism in that they will go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction.


Unless you’re actively misusing the siding and can be determined as the cause of any damage, you’re eligible for a limited lifetime warranty from Norandex. There are only three things that can cause the warranty to expire – the sale of the property, the death of the last living occupant at the time of the signing, or your decision to cancel.

With this warranty, you’re getting full coverage of the siding and are eligible for replacement and repair should the need arise. This is a pretty standard warranty for a siding company and keeps your property covered from a decent amount of situations.

Different Vinyl Siding Types Available

One of our favorite features of Norandex is the vast collection of siding options available. They offer countless options which allow you to mix and match choices until you find the perfect one for your home. Rustic Hill, Cedar Knolls, and Summit Manor are just a few of the most popular choices available – clients can pick from any of the siding options on the list to match their regional needs and stylistic choices.

This wealth of options was quite pleasing to encounter when we entered their website. Seeing so many choices available and noticing how different each style was became a focal point of our review. The fact that this one company specializes in each of the following  vinyl siding types is incredible.

  • Rustic Hill
  • Home Accents
  • Cedar Knolls
  • Summit Manor
  • Vinyl Soffit
  • Polar Wall Plus
  • Sagebrush
  • Great Barrier
  • Board and Batten
  • Brushstroke Collection
  • Sterling
  • Woodsman Select

Choose Your  Favorite Vinyl Siding Color

Once you’ve chosen your style, you can select from any of the color options available. The customization of your build is fantastic and quite broad. If you’re looking for a company that offers the perfect, personalized siding done right, Norandex is the perfect company for you.

We do have to mention that some siding choices certainly look better with certain colors which limits you in the amount of customization you’re able to do. However, you can preview the look to see how it will be displayed on your home before you commit to any choices. This little added feature is a lifesaver and will prevent you from making a horrific color choice on your home. In the color chart below you can see some of the most popular norandex siding color options like smoke, steel blue or graphite.

Norandex Siding Colors
More colors like cactus available are at the official website



What Do Others Have to Say? Customer Reviews

Previous customers of Norandex Siding can’t seem to get enough of the company. Most of the reviews are five stars and it was difficult to find one that wasn’t positive. There are certainly some complaints that have been registered, but they always seem to be wrapped in positive notes. The main complaints we encountered seemed to be about pricing, not service or quality.



This is a national company for a reason. They’ve got the quality and know-how to provide you with some of the best siding services available and understand the region in which they work. We were shocked at how family-owned they felt, despite being a country-wide company. We’d have to say that Norandex Siding competes with and even surpasses, in some instances, that of your name brand siding companies. 

My name is Donald and I am the main author of this little page. I love working around the houses during the day and writing articles about house improvement in the evening. If you have any questions, just ask in the comments! If you need professional siding services use the form.


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