Mobile Home Siding and Skirting: For Increasing the Life and Value of Your Mobile Home

Mobile homes have a variety of options when it is come to its renovation and construction. The trend that is being followed by people these days is renovating the old home and protecting it from damage. This is done very easily with the help of skirting and siding. The details below will help you to know about mobile home siding and mobile home skirting in details.


Siding of Mobile Homes

The siding of mobile homes is basically a material which is used to cover the exterior walls of the house. Mobile home siding comes in a variety of materials and styles which offer different facilities in terms of beauty and functionality. The sidings can be easily arranged in the form of vertical, horizontal or lap design where the strip of the material to be used is overlapped. The replacement of the siding generally involves the replacement of the whole wall siding or a part of it depending on the previous material of siding and the extent of damage.

Mobile Home Siding

Types of Sidings

There are various options of siding for mobile homes. The mobile home siding options include vinyl siding, wood siding, aluminum siding, stone siding etc. The vinyl home siding is the most popular option that people prefer these days whenever it comes to siding. Mobile home vinyl siding is the best choice in terms of convenience, cost and maintenance. This is a very durable and versatile material that can be much more effective than the other options of siding in your mobile home. This is the best choice for people because of the ease in installation, thermal insulation, durability, efficiency and the low contribution to the greenhouse gases. Moreover, it is very simple and easy to install than the other forms of siding. Wood siding is a good option for people as it is light and easy to install and are available in various styles and options. Whether you need it for siding your entire home or just the accent this is a great option. Easter and Western red Cedar is available for siding of your mobile home and Yellow cedar is available for the poles and posts. Aluminum siding has been the material of home siding for decades. This is lightweight and highly durable. You can paint the aluminum siding as per your requirements.


Benefits of Siding

Siding is generally the best option to protect your home from the penetration of moisture. It also prevents the growth of the biological contaminants like mold, bacteria etc. It will surely increase the life expectancy of the home, reduce the energy cost to a great extent and also give you a high return on investment.

Mobile Home Skirting and Advantages

Skirting is a board which is installed at the end of the wall. It covers the joint between the wall and the floor and is effective in preventing the damages. Mobile home skirting is extremely necessary for your home. It can hide the structural elements, protects the home from animals, prevents the pipes from freezing and help to retain the heat in winter. Skirting is also helpful in preventing your mobile home from cold winds, hot summer or extreme temperature and thus is a must for the maintenance of the mobile home.

Mobile Home Skirting

Types of Skirting

Skirting can be done with wood, concrete, vinyl, aluminum etc. Vinyl is the most common choice for skirting your home. It is extremely durable and easy to maintain. Stone and brick skirting are also good options as they are durable, but their process of installation is a bit hectic. Again wood skirting is easy to maintain, it is also very easy to install but the durability of wood skirting is limited to a certain extent.

So, siding and skirting are the two most important options that you need to consider for the maintenance of your mobile homes. You need to choose the appropriate material as per your requirement and go for the best professional services that can help you in this regard.


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