Market Square Siding Review – Great durability and Wind Ressistance

Market Square Siding offers its users maximum control. This product is available in a wide range of colors, which allows homeowners to select the best shade for their exterior look.

Market Square Siding


How it looks ?

The pigments used to create market square siding are designed to fight fading caused by the elements. For example, they contain infrared-reflecting pigments to help combat sun damage.

These boards also feature a detailed and consistent grain texture, which gives them the appearance of natural wood. In addition to color and texture, the product comes in several different sizes. Homeowners will be able to find the best fit for their exterior, no matter the scale.

Market siding also has a wide, square bottom edge that creates sharp, deep shadow lines on surfaces. All these elements work together to create a professional and elegant look for any house.

Benefits of Market Square Siding


This product requires little to zero maintenance. With organic materials like wood, a great deal of upkeep is typically required. But with the material used in this product, it is durable and resistant to typical wear. In addition to its reputation for being low maintenance, it is also a sustainable choice.

Because it arrives colored to a user’s exact specifications, there is no need for excessive staining and painting. In addition, it is often made from recycled and scrap material. When it is cut for installation, manufacturers take care not to emit harmful toxins.

Durability is another benefit users experience when using this product. The siding is designed with effective engineering strategies in mind. One of its strongest features is its wind resistance. It is able to withstand powerful winds up to 155 MPH.

But Market Square siding can stand up against more than just strong winds. This siding, rather, is capable of withstanding all the elements and any inclement weather it may encounter. In addition to its wind resistance,) The siding boasts remarkable rain and UV resistance. Indeed, Market Square’s proprietary Chromatix technology allows its pigments to reflect infrared radiation, reducing heat buildup and ensuring its attractive colors will never fade.

Market Square also offers its interactive online Dream Designer tool, which allows you to experiment with different colors and finishes before making your selection. You can choose a model home from their portfolio or upload your own, edit the style and color of your siding, and customize other options such as windows and roofing. With this tool, you can be sure that your finished home will look exactly the way you want before getting started.


Finally, Market Square is so confident in its siding that it offers a lifetime warranty. With Market Square, you can be sure your home will look as fresh 10 years down the road as the day the siding was installed.

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  1. Can 5mm market square siding be washed with low-pressure from electric pressure washer or low pressure via distance to siding?


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