Irish Thistle Siding Style – How this green vinyl siding color looks like? Popular brands are Mastic or Variform

Finding stunning siding for your home that offers ample protection and insulation can be a tricky task. In many instances, finding a unique style that helps your home stand out from the rest can lead to lapses in protection and weak spots in the siding. The most common siding styles are so popular because they work the best.

Your typical vinyl siding on the average suburban home tends to be the siding of choice. However, this design can be quite repetitive and could even take away from your home’s exterior look. Luckily, there are other options for homeowners to choose from! The Irish Thistle siding style is a unique, stunning look that offers you the same protection and insulation as your standard vinyl siding.

A Stunning Array of Colors

Irish thistle siding gets its name from the stunning Irish thistle plant which hosts a pale, dull green color. Irish thistle siding boasts that exact color in its design and this is what makes it stand out from the crowd. You can opt for standard siding with the same color as Irish thistle, but then you lose the unique design of the walls.

The color is certainly one of the selling points of the Irish thistle siding style as it’s a unique addition to this incredible look. The Irish thistle siding turns your home’s exterior into a point of pride and helps to separate you from the crowd. However, the color of the siding alone isn’t responsible for this flashy external look – combine it with the texture and design of Irish thistle siding and you’ve got a proper exterior that no one in your neighborhood is likely to have.

Unique Textures Adorn Your Home – Order from Variform or Mastic Siding

The standard style of Irish thistle siding is a placement of thin, vertical boards adorning the exterior of the home. These boards tend to be made of natural wood for a more rustic look and a hefty amount of protection from the elements when well-treated. Variform is one of the most common makers of the Irish thistle siding, but homeowners can find examples from Mastic among others.

If you’re solely in it for the coloring, then Irish thistle is still the perfect siding option for you. You don’t have to commit yourself to the standard Irish thistle design as the color can be used on almost any style of siding. Even your standard vinyl siding can utilize the coloration of Irish thistle, though you lose a sense of individuality without the texture of your typical Irish thistle siding.

Finding a Strong Siding For Your Home

All in all, the most important feature of your home’s exterior siding is that it’s strong and dependable. No matter how great it looks, if it can’t protect your home from the elements, then it’s not a good siding.

Luckily, the Irish thistle, with its durable and natural wood foundation, is perfectly prepared to take on the elements. This type of siding is both stunning and durable, making for the perfect siding for your home.

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