What Makes Fake Stone Siding More Appealing Than Natural Stone

For many years, stone siding has dominated the design industry. It can achieve architectural wonders and may last forever. As if all these were not enough, it looks excellent too. But over the past years, fake stone siding has also gained an immense notoriety. It has established a solid presence on the market due to a wide plethora of advantages. Simply put, it offers the exact appearance of stone siding, but without drawing the extravagant costs. Before you choose one of these options, make sure that you take them through a detailed comparison. Then, what makes them special?

Exploring the pros and cons of stone siding

Stone siding is obviously made of real stones and rocks. If you think about it, the material is free out there. However, obtaining, processing, transporting and finishing these stones contribute to the exquisite costs. It is not necessarily the most environmentally friendly solution either. At the same time, the high costs are also underlined by the labor costs. Natural stone is quite heavy. The installation requires more attention, plenty of effort and solid results. After all, you do not want the entire stone to fall down during a windstorm, do you?

fake stone siding
fake stone siding will give your house appearance of real stone siding

As for the positive parts, stone sidings can successfully face the test of time. They can resist for hundreds of years, if you think about the stone durability. But then, will the building be around for so long? It will probably not. No maintenance is required for this material, just like pressure washing will ensure a top-notch maintenance. Furthermore, stone will also resist harsh weather conditions, such as direct sunlight or moisture. It looks beautiful and elegant, so it will compliment your home.

When fake stone siding takes over the pros and ditches the cons

Fake stone siding takes the pros of natural stone and eliminates its cons. Over the past decade, it has gained an exquisite popularity. The material is engineered, so it feels and looks just like natural stone. There are more varieties of faux stone in commerce. Some of them look so good that no one can tell the difference. The good news is that faux stone is quite durable. Many sidings come with exquisite warranties of over 20 years. Sure, it cannot last for a lifetime like natural stone, but it is not like you need it for the rest of your life either. On the other hand, pressure washing requires more attention. Exaggerate with the pressure and you risk damaging the siding.

Fake stone siding is lightweight, so the installation is a piece of cake. In fact, it makes a great DIY project if you have a little experience. From this point of view, it is also way cheaper than natural stone. It can successfully resist mildew, mold, moisture and pretty much any environmental condition. As if all these were not enough, it is environmentally friendly as well, since the respective materials can be recycled and reused.

In conclusion, the benefits of fake stone siding make this material more appropriate than natural stone:

  •  Durable enough
  •  Lightweight
  •  Inexpensive to purchase
  • Easy to install
  •  Environmentally friendly

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  1. Looking for corners for Bellastone composite stone panels, the pieces are 4 foot long and 3 or 4 inchs high. Can you help me out? Thanks!!!!


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