Everything about Vertical Wood Sidings

This is where wood is placed in overlapping vertical rows called clapboard either in the exterior or interior of your house. This is usually done to protect your house from extreme weather like strong wind or from excess water during floods. They help you to adjust your house and also to repair the interior walls of your house.

Types of Vertical Wood Sidings

There are various types that you can choose from when you are planning to install or make the wood siding. They include: shingles, fiberboard, plywood, cedar, shakes, and clapboard. They are then further classified according to their styles. These are: wooden lap board, tongue and groove, channel, board and batten, ship lap, split log siding. The woods have a diverse variety of textures and designs that differ from each other.

Vertical Wood Sidings



The materials needed when installing the wood siding include:

  • Wood siding
  • Four corner boards
  • A hammer
  • A saw
  • A measuring square
  • Plenty of siding nails


If you have the skills in making wood carvings, especially the vertical ones, the below steps would help you make a good vertical composite siding.

1. Overlap the vertical cedar siding that range from four to twelve inches in thickness.

2. Use the circular saw to cut the vertical side boards.

3. Make sure all joints falls on a stud and this should be done accurately.

4. Use the measuring tape square to ensure that every board is cut into exact squares.

5. Cut the boards slowly so as to guard them against jagged and splintered edges.

6. Nail the siding at the edge of the lower board and into every stud at the bottom of upper board.

7. Make sure each boards along the bottom edge dimensions is measured Accuracy is very

8. Install a vertical composite siding corner board in order to fit the sidings on its edge.


The advantages of this type of wood carvings are immense. They include;

1. They give adequate protection to exterior walls from the harsh elements.

2. Vertical composite siding creates a feeling of originality and agelessness.

3. You can create your own custom design outline basing on the color and material you like.

4. These wood carvings last for a long time if they are well maintained.

5. Vertical cedar siding is cheaper because its structural mechanisms are combined into one.

6. They are easily integrated when framing is being done.


Though the vertical composite carvings have a lot of advantages, it as well has few disadvantages. The disadvantages have been listed below.

1. They are easily destroyed by termites.

2. They are prone to warping and splitting.

3. High cost of maintenance is required and if it is not well maintained, it easily wears out.

4. If not thorough checked, there are high chances of algae and mold growth.

In conclusion when you are installing this type of wood siding, the installation should be fitted against the window casing and doors. A corner board should also be used to prevent the extension from meeting in a joint at the corner.


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