Cedar and Shake Vinyl Siding – Fake Turned to Fabulous

Vinyl siding is usually a form of decoration that uses plastic exterior siding in house finishing. It is mainly recommended as a result of its weatherproofing and its resemblance to the wood clapboard. Vinyl siding is normally used instead of many other materials like fiber cement or aluminum siding.

Today vinyl siding has taken a huge step and adopted the use of cedar shake siding. This type of exterior decoration employs a process called True Texture in which real cedar shakes board are used to bring the exact textures of cedar to the final siding product. This gives the exterior of the house a true and authentic cedar impression.

Benefits of Opting for Vinyl Shakes over any Other Exterior Décor

  • Vinyl sidings are said to be resistant to a number of elements e.g. water and termites.
  • Vinyl shakes are pocket friendly when it comes to decorating the exterior of one’s house. They are roughly half the price of real wood shakes.
  • Shake vinyl sliding is also available in a variety of colors.
  • Cedar shake vinyl siding also wins plaudits for its durability. Reviewers note that this tips the cost comparison with cedar shingles even further in vinyl’s favor, as far less work is needed to maintain it.

What most people usually worry about is the ability of the shake vinyl siding to pass of as real wood. Do they really look like a real wood siding? It is hard to tell the difference between wood and vinyl siding. Vinyl siding passes off as wood siding because manufactures are able transfer the texture and grain of wood boards. In cedar shake vinyl siding, the texture and grain of real cedars boards are engraved on to the replicas. Sometimes even home inspectors do get fooled by this.

Who are the Manufacturers?

Below are listed the cedar shake vinyl siding offerings of various manufacturers:

  • CertainTeed Cedar Impressions
  • VinylShake Red Cedar
  • Factory Direct Siding Autumn Cedar
  • ProVia Cedar Offerings

Installation of a Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding

Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding

There are people who prefer to do it by themselves but installing a vinyl siding normally requires the attention of professionals or experts. Expertise is normally required because there are quite a number of things that entail installment which are not quite obvious. These include:

  • Preparing of the wall structure which mainly involves maintaining a flat and even surface
  • Fastening of the cedar shake vinyl siding
  • Aspects of wall and window flashing
  •  Expertise of fitting siding around fixtures and under various types of windows

Such details may appear as Greek to some people and that is why it is always important to use a well certified professional. If you looking for a certified vinyl installer near you, you can always make a search on the web as this will give you quite a detailed range of the experts.

How Do You Cut this Siding?

If you’re installing your siding, there are three basic ways to cut vinyl shake siding:

  • When cutting a large number of strips, using a circular saw works best. This allows you to make those vertical cuts neatly and quickly
  • For a small number of strips, tin snips are a good alternative
  • Cutting strips lengthways, using a utility knife to score the vinyl and then snap it is your best option .
  • Read more about the  vinyl siding tools

How Do You Remove this Siding?

If you need to remove a damaged piece of vinyl, there is an item called a Zip Tool, which will be your best friend. If you’re anxious about causing damage because of the interlocking structure of this type of siding, you can always ask a professional to do it for you.

What Colors are Available on the Market?

Cedar shake vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors, mostly those close to natural, woody tones. However, many manufacturers also offer vinyl shake siding in a range of slightly more exotic tones, giving you a lot more choice. If you have a particular color in mind, it’s best to do your research thoroughly before contacting a seller.

Remember, vinyl can’t be repainted once installed, so take your time to think about it. Make sure your choice of color fits well with the rest of your home and think about any future development plans which might clash.

Vinyl Shake Siding  Maintenance

One of the best things about vinyl shake siding is that it requires virtually no maintenance. It is highly weather-proof and generally looks after itself. Any accidental damage can be remedied as noted above, but vinyl shake siding makes for a great worry-free alternative.

Prices per square feet – Is Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding Expensive?

Compared to real cedar shingles, vinyl shake siding has a massive advantage where price is concerned. Cedar shingles tend to cost upwards of $5 per square feet just for the product itself, whereas vinyl will usually cost you between $3 and $7 – including the cost of installation. Of course, it’s even less if you plan to install it yourself, but it’s usually best to get a professional to install your siding for you.  Read  more informations about the vinyl shake siding cost .

This makes it a hugely appealing alternative to cedar shingles, which can be prohibitively expensive. As noted, vinyl shake siding is also much cheaper to maintain on the whole.

How Long Does it Last?

Vinyl shake siding lasts for a long time. It is highly weather-resistant, and vinyl isn’t prone to decay. Vinyl shake siding will typically last for several decades, which makes it a great option for the house you’re planning to settle down in.

The Downside of Vinyl Shake Siding

Once you choose a vinyl color you are stuck with it for life. This type of exterior décor cannot be repainted and that is why when you choose a vinyl siding color, make sure you choose the right one.

Environmental also due argue that vinyl production releases toxic chemicals in to the environment. However, new a safer ways of producing vinyl siding are being introduced.

Fake is normally termed as a very ugly word but when it comes to cedar shake vinyl siding, this type of mentality shifts. Cedar shake vinyl siding are quite fabulous finishes and give you an exotic and sophisticated look at affordable prices.

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