Why homeowners insist on Alcoa Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding has been earning legendry fame in home improvement and construction circles for some years now but the prefix Alcoa might be daunting to those who do not know about the company. Just to demystify, Alcoa is a 125 year old company which designs, develops and produces lightweight materials for the automobile industry, air craft, commercial transport and in your case, construction and home improvement. It is the manufacturer of Alcoa Vinyl Siding which continues to receive praise for its aesthetic appeal and functionality.


As a homeowner, you might already be familiar with the term siding which describes any material used to craft a building’s exterior. While siding plays a significant role in defining the beauty of your home’s exterior, it is also held responsible for shielding the interior against weather elements like ice, cold, wind and direct sunshine. In the past, people used different materials including wood, bricks and stone for their siding. However, in today’s world, these materials have become so scarce or expensive which has partly influenced vinyl’s popularity. Vinyl in general is good but there are some reasons why you might want to consider Alcoa Vinyl Siding in particular.

Alcoa Vinyl Siding Company

Aesthetic Appeal 


Everyone wants a home with a luring exterior and to be precise, the kind of beauty which beckons you to have a look inside. Putting as much effort into design as they do with engineering, Alcoa has some of the best color palettes in the market. An especially interesting one is cedar wood palette which bears the authentic look of real wood. The wide spectrum of colors will allow you to conceive and implement any theme of your liking irrespective of whether you like traditional looks or subscribe to the recent wave of contemporary themes. For the complete look, you might want to accessorize the siding with Alcoa soffits, fascia, trims and shutters.


Easy Maintenance


Wood was a great material to use as siding for its beauty and excellent shield against cold but it did not come without downfalls. One of the things which made it lose big points was maintenance. It is inevitable that at some point in its lifetime, wood will either rot or mildew; maintenance involves removing those blocks of wood which are damaged and replacing them with new ones. The vinyl siding for Alcoa does not ask for anything more than an occasional wash with a pressure washer to remove debris and other dirt which might have accumulated on it. Occasional here could mean a period as long as 8 years.




Is vinyl siding as good as wood in shielding the interior from cold? The answer would be, Alcoa Vinyl Siding shields you from everything including water, snow, ice and the dreaded cold. It is a bad conductor of heat and if installed correctly, helps you lower energy bills pointed towards heating and conditioning significantly. Besides, vinyl will last for several years and therefore appreciates the value of your home upon installation.




Vinyl is probably the most affordable construction material in the market today. If you source it from Alcoa, average prices are $ 5 for the regular grade and $ 8 per foot for premium siding. If you wish, you can also request for a quote from the company. Note that with all the active campaigns for sustainability and green living, wood is far from affordable while bricks are now considered mediocre.


One of the ultimate benefits you gain for choosing Alcoa Vinyl Siding for your construction projects is the assistance which will be given to you by the company in finding a reliable contractor for installation. Vinyl siding requires careful installation and give its clients the right experience, Alcoa has partnered with a few reliable constructors who will complete the project for you. Another of the benefits associated with letting Alcoa recommend a contractor for you is that you will be comfortable with the service charges; the general assumption is that if Alcoa vouches for their services, then they must have the best prices.



Who is Alcoa siding intended for?

So you like the benefits but can’t stop wondering if the siding would be a good idea for you? It will be the ideal solution for those who intend to indulge in a complete home remodel project as well as those who are planning on constructing an entirely new home.


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  1. I am looking for Alcoa siding and so far no luck I had my house sided a few years ago.
    We had a hail storm and I now have to replace the west side. Could you give me names of contractors in this area who works with your co. or dealers that carry it.
    I am in Spencer, Ia. zip-51301


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