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Shake siding is one of the most innovative ideas to consider for home improvement. Newly installed siding gives the home a vibrant look; and not only is siding for aesthetics, but it is also a protective measure against moisture and pests which result into significant damage. There are different types of siding which suit every home’s look and personal style. Each type comes with its own unique appearance and features.

Wood Shake Siding

wood shake siding
Wood siding is made from pure cedar wood or the manufactured types which reduce on maintenance and increase durability. Not only is cedar used but when wood siding is the clapboard type, it also comes from hard woods such as pine, spruce, cypress and redwood which are some of the choicest raw material sources for wood siding and other home or office furniture products. Installing this type of siding calls for regular maintenance which is painting and staining, failure to which there’s exposure to wood damage in the form of rot, woodpeckers and rot. Wood is also prone to warping, burning and twisting. There are several presentations of wood siding which are finished, natural, painted or primed.

Vinyl Shake Siding

vinyl shake siding
Vinyl is a pocket friendly type of siding because of its low purchase price and low maintenance costs; because of these reasons vinyl is popular when it comes to siding material. Vinyl siding goes for as little as a third of the cost of wood siding. It is available in a wide range of colors which is remains a good trait until that time one decides to paint the house; vinyl cannot be painted. Low maintenance implies that there are no moisture or insect issues, warping and twisting are out of the question and no painting is required. However, vinyl can melt, burn, crack and rattle. The appearance varies as one can have vinyl siding that looks like wood from afar or other customized designs from different manufacturers. Home improvement experts advise that before settling on a proper design for vinyl siding, one should consider the structure of the home in relation to that of the neighborhood and personal taste.

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

This is vinyl siding whose molds are crafted from the original cedar. The appearance is absolutely random with a choice of about 100 molds which are unique and exclusive to cedar. Here, one also finds an extensive range of colors to choose from. With vinyl cedar shake siding, one does not worry about expansion and contraction.

On average, installation of siding takes two weeks. This of course depends on the type of siding in question and the process which includes removal, prepping, insulation and finally the installation itself. One probably needs a contractor to complete this type of work. Hiring a contractor will require thorough research and probably several references from past clients. Comparing market rates could also land one a great deal. All this is essential for a good job on the house. After all, siding is supposed to bring out the best of the home to the owners satisfaction.

For installation, there are several features to pay attention to, in order to get the best of shake siding. Consider the length of the panels, nailing surface, a deep profile, finishing and foam finishing. Deep profiles bring out the wooden look of the not so wooden siding while the finishing will determine how long till the next painting. The nailing surface should be accommodating enough to provide better holding power for example vinyl which has double-layer mounting surface. Long panels reduce the chances of having  “broken ” walls while foam adds to the insulation.

Installation is best done in the fall or winter when there is low demand for this service. This gets you low rates as the contractors usually have little or no projects at his time of the year. A good contractor is one who is insured but beyond that one has to get proof of protection for their property. The work done should have a warranty for a realistic period of time.

Siding is very common among home owners for its exterior beauty and protective measures. Whereas there are countless home designs and p

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