New Seneca Steel Rollex Siding Stimulates Stained Cedar

Rollex corporation has set up one of the home construction and remodeling industries widest range of variegated steel siding. Available in 5 architectural profiles, Rollex’s long lasting, easy care Seneca Variegated Steel Rollex Siding arrives in 6 multi-hued colors offering the appearance of cedar boards possessing a half-transparent stain. Seneca’s colors include Aspen, Maple, Willow, Gray Ash, Blue Ridge, and Rustic Brown.

Horizontal profiles incorporate double 4,” resembling a group of narrow wood clapboards adapted to traditional houses, double 5,” adapted to bigger houses; double 5″ Dutch lap, possessing a distinctive beveled groove for a feel of depth; and single 8,” looking like a length of wood lap siding. All possess a half inch profile height. Seneca also is present in a 12- vertical batten and board profile, a style mostly utilized as an accent under gables.

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Its batten height is 7/16 inch. Seneca panels are available in 12 foot lengths. Seamless steel rollex siding coil is present in the same finish as well as colors for on site welding of seamless trim pieces and siding panels. Seneca’s variegated color finish is put over a 28 gauge, hot-immersed galvanized steel core joined to a wood grain pattern. The finish incorporates energy saving color pigments which deflect solar radiation to assist reduce home cooling expenses and improve indoor comfort.
Rollex introduces Seneca steel siding as an impact resistant, low maintenance item designed to copy the complex, subtle colorations of stained cedar siding excluding the requirement of periodic finishing and the preparation task that precedes it. Unlike Seneca steel siding, cedar is susceptible to cracking, warping, mold, and mildew and is well known for attracting wood peckers. The firm is also positioning Seneca an option to fiber cement siding, which needs more maintenance. Fiber cement is also prone to moisture damage unless operated and installed based on comparatively complicated specifications, incorporating flashing the joints between panels. Installers also require to implement safety precautions against the perilous silica dust tossed into the air when fiber panels are trimmed on the job location with power tools. By comparison, Seneca steel siding installation is easier, needs no joint caulking or flashing, and is similar to installing vinyl siding. It makes no respiratory dangers.

Give it hail

Its scratch and dent resistant “Kynar” topcoat and sturdy steel body shield against damage from flying debris and hail. It’s also a reasonable siding option where brush and forest fires present a danger. Rollex’s Seneca steel siding is accompanied by a non prorated, limited lifetime warranty that incorporates fifty year hail protection and 30 year fade and chalk coverage. The siding is assured not to flake, crack, peel, split, or blister. Rollex makes Seneca steel siding utilizing twenty five percent recycled material. The manufactured siding is a hundred percent recyclable.

Manufactured in America by Rollex

Seneca is the 4th and latest addition to steel Rollex siding range. It also provides Aurora, possessing its Energy star conforming color coating; the Designer Collection; and Thermal Pro insulated panels. Established in 1951, Rollex is among the oldest and most dependable manufacturers of metal products for light commercial and residential construction. Rollex makes aluminium rain ware systems; fascia, and accessories; aluminium soffit; and aluminium specialty products.



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