Crane Siding, A Critical Care-giver

With the chosen design befitting your budget and personality, Crane Siding extends  not only a natural, authentic appearance, but also an energy-saving, maintenance-free insulation to your home for years to come.

This Crane siding (material covering the outside of frame buildings) provided by Crane company as cladding ( clothing or covering) is paint, vinyl or others. In other words, it is a plastic exterior cladding for a house providing both decoration and weatherproofing as an alternative to conventional wood, aluminium or fiber cement. Containing nearly 80% Polyvinyl Chloride and resin, with the remaining 20% made of other components for color, impact resistance, opacity, gloss, flexibility and durability, this vinyl is most commonly used.

 Crane SidingAbout Crane:

An independently-owned factory called Crane Plastics in Columbia, Ohio in 1950, initially manufactured siding through mono-extrusion method by blending colors manually, when the product looking nothing more than aluminium siding, was not of consistent quality, or sophisticated look then.


•    By the 1970s, thanks to technological advancements, Crane company improved techniques in production process, sturdiness and colors resulting in wider application in the US and Canada owing  to its durability and ease of maintenance.

•    Today co-extrusion process is followed in manufacturing vinyl siding. Two layers of PVC are laid down in a continuous extrusion process, the top layer being weatherable capstock comprising 1/3 of its siding thickness.  This capstock contains about 10% titanium dioxide, a  pigment providing resistance to breakdown due to UV light. Vinyl siding like paint will fade inevitably over time, but the fade rate is somewhat slower with vinyl.

Crane siding Products:

Demonstrating textures, colors and styles, first of its kind offering products and tools to make great exterior designs, and built with above 60 years of manufacturing experience, Crane Siding offers an extensive range of cladding products.

Crane siding is a hybrid, maintenance -free siding and an energy-saving insulation, with unlimited options. Crane vinyl siding is applied for ships, platforms, houses, and docks also providing high quality insulated, moisture-resistant sidings in different varieties under advice of dream designers.

Products types:

They are- insulated, traditional, shake and trim siding.

Insulated siding has four different ways as Crane Board 6- has classic and crisp-looking exterior, Crane board 7- with  beauty, Oracle -with home’s attraction, milled cedar woodgrain and illustrious look; and  Crane Board and Batten- enlivening home with details.

Traditional siding has three branches such as American dream edge – with appealing appearance, Park view -giving elegance with low-luster cedargrain finish, and Carolina sands- having beaded siding, handcrafted wood appearance and a crisp appealing silhouette.

Shake has five varieties as Portsmouth T45 Shingles giving the look of homes found on New England coast,  Cedar Shingles, natural shake, Portsmouth Staggered Edge Shingles, and Cedar Shingles- providing classic character and shake appeal.

Trim type has three categories as Crane siding having Window and Door trim, Corners and Decorative trim with finishing touches making a strong design statement.

Customer service:

Service rendered by Crane siding is fast and reliable, with guarantee on work and materials. The sidings though generally maintenance-free, get dirty as any exposed area, but are easy to clean and care for. Some tips for cleaning include  cleaning directing water, using soft brushes, and mild detergents.

Design experts and architects of Crane siding offer their suggestions on designs and styles suiting to budget and taste. Colors come as aspen white, cabin, clay, country beige, desert, graphic, harbour blue, lighthouse red, olive, slate, wheat and much more, having features like widespread panel coverage and smart insulations.

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