Cedar Shake Siding

Cedar siding is more expensive than the regular siding but most consumers go for it since in the long run, it has proved to be cost effective. The cost is mainly high due to the fact that this kind of siding is usually made from a real cedar. There are several ways of siding your home. Sheeting is one of these ways but it makes use of larger boards to cover the surface area. The other way is using shakes and shingles.


These are made up of smaller cut pieces. Cedar is resin free and nearly pitches meaning that it accepts stains and coatings evenly and deeply. It has a natural preservative that ensures it is resistant to decay, moisture and insects. Some of the compounds responsible for these benefits include soluble phenolic and thujaplicans.

cedar shake siding

When it comes to cedar shakes siding, this is comprised of individual boards, which overlap to create a surface that is completely covered with a complex texture. Installation is the same as that of installing roof shingles. However, shingles are machine cut products, which has a smooth edge that gives the siding a more quality finishing. Shakes on the other hand are hand split and sawed on both sides. This kind of siding are common in homes that blend well with the environment like a vacation cabin and mountain retreats. The peaceful nature of these places are accented by the cedar shake siding.

Vinyl cedar shake siding

This kind of siding is definitely worth to look at if you are in search of an exterior option that looks great and requires little or no maintenance. It can be cut to resemble a natural cedar shake and even feel like an actual cedar. Whenever they are used, they actually leave that traditional look of an actual cedar. The molds give the surface on which they slide on a good shape and a fine texture, which offers the homes a rustic look. The edges of the siding have an uneven, rough look and can be semi-straight or curved. Their main advantage is that they are inexpensive and easier to take care. At the same time, given the fact that vinyl is a synthetic material, it gives you the confidence of not worrying about termite attacks or any insect damage. Vinyl cedar shakes siding comes in a variety of colors and sizes and they can last from 20 to 30 years.

vinyl cedar shake siding

Cedar shake siding cost

The ultimate cost of doing this kind of siding depends on the supply and demand and the export market for the cedar. A very good example is the year 2011. During this time, the cost of cedar shakes siding for a 1,150 square foot home was $5,000 to $6,946. This was for material alone while the installation process was $730 to $ 1,090. After calculating this, it was found that the total cost per square foot is$5.30 to$6.03. for homes having a more complex layouts, one has to add another 5 to 12 percent for the entire job.

Cedar shake vinyl siding

Vinyl sidings are popular for providing nice gable accents and in giving the home an old style. By sing Vinyl shakes, this gives the wood an authentic look thus there is no need for extra painting and more maintenance hassles which ar4 normally associated with the shakes.Cedar shakes vinyl siding gives the home a welcoming and warm look. The traditional look was often associated with the shakes and the shingles being hewn from cedar boards. This method saw the wood nailed on the exterior of the wall and later on coated with oil so that they are preserved but vinyl came with many advantages that outweighed the many disadvantages of the traditional methods. Another advantage of the cedar shake vinyl siding is that they come in a variety of styles and colors. Vinyl is also less costly since the price of wood shakes comes at $2 to $6 for vinyl while for the wood is $15 to $20.

Cedar shake siding panels

Ceder shakes siding panels are available in a wide array of colors. These panels give you a home with a customized look with traditional charm. Its installation is quite easy and fast due to the fact that they possess the knock down panel section. Most cedar shake, siding panels are made from natural materials.

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