Less Known Tips To Apply In DIY Basement Wall Insulation

Basement wall insulation is one of your main concerns when you finally decide to increase your home performance and efficiency. Apart from the walls, basements and attics are the first things to consider in the process. Believe it or not, basement walls are responsible for up to 25% of heat loss during the wintertime. Most homeowners are unable to see the importance of basement insulation until they actually do it. Their energy bills simply go down overnight. As a direct consequence, your living space becomes more comfortable, while the entire process will pay for itself in the long run. Read more ›

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Considering The Uses Of Pink Panther’s Foil Insulation In DIY Projects

Foil insulation represents one of the least expensive and most cost efficient solutions for a home. Sure, given the fragile construction of foil, this type of insulation is not always appropriate for all environments or construction parts. Instead, it is most commonly used for average walls and roofs. On the other hand, it is worth noting that different manufacturers have different quality standards. Most home or business owners fail to consider these standards. They often base their decisions on nothing but the price. Just like you have probably guessed already, you get what you pay for. Read more ›

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Analyzing The Outstanding Advantages Of Stone Wool Insulation Over Your Lifestyle

Stone wool insulation gains popularity in both residential and commercial buildings. It provides an exquisite R-value, so it can easily outweigh the classic fiberglass insulation. At the same time, it is more environmentally friendly than most other alternatives on the market. You may also find this product under different names – slag wool, rock wool or mineral wool insulation. The name is self-explanatory and underlines the main characteristic of this product. Understanding its main benefits over other solutions becomes the first step in making a wise decision. Read more ›

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